Into Moria


Warmest regards from the cold, damp chambers of Moria.  Thalya and I rode from Mirobel last night, and descended into the depths of this vast, overwhelming place.  It’s unbelievable – for all these long years I’ve heard of this place, read the books, even seen drawings…  But I cannot even begin to comprehend the massive scale of this abandoned underground world.  It is as if the ancient dwarves who dwelt here were building a temple to themselves… yet keeping their mines close by to satisfy their obsessive need for material riches.

And the bridges…  Long, arching rock bridges over fissures in the rock that seem bottomless.  Perhaps they are. But the horrifying part is this – they do not have railings. If you slip, you fall into the abyss. How could someone have created this architectural travesty in an environment such as this?

I do not think that the dark secrets of the past have gone away, just because they were shut away. I do think that opening the way in, to that which was sealed, was astonishingly foolish. I can feel this cold feeling in my chest, the feeling that something is not right with this place. 

We are not yet far from the entrance. Still close enough to flee, should we need to. But I am keeping in mind that Lórien is on the other side of this abhorrent labyrinth.  I was reluctant to visit home… but I can think of nothing but how much I want to leave this place and breathe the air outside.


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