A New Life

This is possibly the last letter you will receive from me before I return home! I am currently in Rivendell, preparing to travel back to Moria in a few short hours, and then press forward via the fastest route possible to emerge through the gates to Lothlorien. It will take some time, but I will be there relatively quickly, I hope. As much as I now long to see the gold and silver light of home, I do not want to leave. 

A dear friend of mine fell out of favor with a group of criminals in Bree. He desperately called out to me for help, and I came to him. I found him badly injured and presumably left to languish and die in the Lone Lands, where he begged to be taken somewhere he would not be found.

So I brought Haarland to Rivendell. This place is calm and beautiful, far from the danger and loneliness and suffering I feel as though I caused when I disappeared all that time ago. He wants a new life, here, and I will give one to him. I took him to a small island in the middle of an all but hidden spring in the northern area of Rivendell, and after gaining permission, told him that he could stay here as long as he would like.

Having been able to do this makes me unspeakably happy. And we stood there under the stars, speechless. He seemed as though he wished to say something, but chose to remain silent. So, I told him to rest and that I would be gone in the morning, and gave him one of the two mallorn leaves I have carried since I left home.

I am now writing this letter, which will reach home before I do.  But I promise, there will be no delay this time.  I will be home with as much haste as Thalya and I can manage. I don’t even care whether she will be furious with me. I’ve done what I feel in my heart and soul is the right thing to do.

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