I promised I would write when I arrived, and here I am, safely within my homeland. I admit I am very apprehensive about this entire situation – I have not been gone long, though it feels like I have.  Very, very soon I am returning to my home to see my family, and I’m not sure what they are going to say to me when I arrive. Maybe they’re going to be embarrassed, or disappointed. I’ve forgone my previous life, in many ways, for a new one.

This, Lothlórien, is my home. Until I  arrived in Ered Luin (shortly before we met), I had never ventured outside these golden woods, if you can imagine that. We do not often leave this place of sparkling water, stone paths and verdant greenery. The gardens and pathways lead further into the cool, silvery blue shade of the forest. Within, there are lush gardens with streams flowing into small, still pools, surrounded by arbors fashioned of graceful tree branches.  And above rise the towering silver and gold Mallorn trees in which we live, under a the canopy of leaves and branches.

I suppose the idea of living in trees for thousands of years is rather absurd and probably humorous. I only wish I could bring you to the land of my birth to show it to you myself.

I hope you are happy in Rivendell. I regret being unable to remain there.

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