Haarland —

It is our last night here in Sûri-kylä, the northernmost Lossoth settlement on the Ice Bay. I cannot wait to come south again, where I can breathe the air without feeling as though I am going to choke on it. I have been fortunate to be given lodging by the Lossoth in their claustrophobic huts of snow and ice, heated inside by a candle, with furs and hides as bed and blanket. Thalya at least has that enormous cat of hers, Steve, to keep her company.

The great lodge, a pavilion made of bone and hide, is large enough for a bazaar and fire pits, forges and workshops. It seems so foreign and barbaric. I must learn to refrain from passing judgement on their kind. The lives of Men seem shut to me, except as an observer.

I leave tomorrow to return to the darkness of Moria, deep underneath the mountains. I do not want to admit this… But I am somewhat afraid.

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One Response to Sûri-kylä

  1. Saelrandir says:

    Ah, the great Home of the Lossoth. Even though an Elf, i do love this rough land of ice and snow. It is hard to find their trust, those Men of the Snow, and for someone who lives in more temparate lands, hard, at first, do understand their motives. But then, they are uncorrupted by the taint of evil. (I guess even Evil can freeze to death).

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