The Bay of Forochel

My warmest greetings from Forochel! You have my apologies for a sudden departure and a long absence. My obligations led me to go with Thalya to the far northern extreme of the world – the shores of the Bay of Forochel.  I would be dishonest, though, if I did not say that part of my departure was for personal reasons. There are some things with which it is too painful and upsetting to deal.

It is beautiful here, but harsh – the air is thin and painfully cold, and the landscape is bleak. The Men of this land are hostile and suspicious of outsiders, though they have given us shelter and appropriate clothing of fur and leather.  I will soon be making the long journey southeast, back towards the depths of Moria. Perhaps I will return for a while, I have unanswered questions and family business.

Though you may think otherwise, you are my friends.  My family. I think of you all often though I’ve only been gone a short time.  And here, it’s hard to keep my thoughts away from this freezing cold.


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