Into the Waterworks

Haarland —

I am quite grateful that I was able to communicate with you, a link to the outside world is a rare and welcome thing for me.  Your assertion that I am your “favorite Elf” makes me feel quite special.  That is one of the most touching things anyone has ever said to me, and I have been listening to people say things for a long, long time.  I suppose I can say that you are my favorite Human.

We are quite deep beneath the mountains, in a place known as The Waterworks.  The constant sound of rushing and dripping water and the odd blue lighting makes me weary.  The circumstances are uncomfortable – I have no great love of Dwarves (many of my kind do not), and we have taken shelter with them.

The journey down here was not the easiest I have ever made, by far, as you can see above.  Most of the time, I can hold my own, though often it is difficult, it seems that things are never easy here. The circumstances are different than the the hundreds of times you have seen me take up this stance – it is now more often that I must defend myself.  I fear that I will fail to do so.

I am very lonely here, and I rather miss your company.  It was never like this before.  This place makes me so glad that you are safe, somewhere, and that you are content, and happy.  I promise I’ll try as hard as I can to come back.

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