The Heart of Fire

Greetings, to you all.  In Moria I am close to you, yet so far away, deep under the mountains.  This is The Heart of Fire, as the Dwarves call it.  The room, an ancient forge, I believe, is unimaginably hot.  Molten metal (or rock, perhaps) pours from an unknown source, feeding the the pools in which they forge their metal.  Believe me when I say that our kind does not belong here.

I cannot in good conscience say that there are days, down here.  There is nothing but darkness – lit by the feeble light of lamps, or by the inner glow of strange crystals in the walls and ceilings.  Even through am still upset as I am with my experience at home, I admit that I have become homesick.

I want to see the sky again.  Please take care – I hope everyone is well.  I do miss you all, that will not change.

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