The Flooded Treasury

My greetings from the very depths of Moria.  The last days have been exhausting, and I know not how long I have been awake.  I cannot sleep – the things I have seen recently are indelible, and I am reeling in a state of numb, lasting terror.  A group of my allies gathered, some days ago, to assist the dwarves.  They asked our assistance in finding the path through a flooded treasury, where they believe a legendary artifact of their kind has been sealed away.

I stood ready with Thalya, our allies Rootbeeriel and Xevian, and her husband Trodomir the Dwarf.  I have not asked and will not ask why this marriage has occurred, but I am rather shocked, to be honest.  With no time to consider this odd pairing, we descended the stairs.

We made our way through icy water waist high into caverns full of spine-chilling creatures. Huge toads, hordes of esurient insects and their hive queen, and a horrifying sight that made my blood run cold: a monstrous spider, surrounded by a legion of skittering arachnids.  They all fell lifeless before us, eventually, and we arrived at the vault of this ancient treasury, thinking our duty was done.

But from the pool of water flooding the vault erupted a immeasurably massive, terrifying creature – the Watcher.  Standing our ground against this unspeakably evil being seemed hopeless, but through almost unbelievable strength and courage somehow drove it back into the water from whence it came.

The ordeal was over, and I now write to you, safely within the walls of the underground fortress of the dwarves.  I wish you all well, and am thankful that you are safely away from here.


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2 Responses to The Flooded Treasury

  1. Saelrandir says:

    Suilad, Huntress.

    Gratulation to finishing your training (and Level 60).

    Saelrandir Gilthand.
    Belagaer Server (DE-RP)

  2. Thank you very much – it is a good feeling to have a reprieve from training and focus on other matters.


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