Passing the Time

My greetings from  the high plains of Eregion once again.  Though I have been wandering here with my thoughts for a while, and the beauty of the sun setting against the clouds has lightened my spirits a little.  I must admit, begrudgingly, that I have been rather lonely of late.  Thalya has taken her leave of me, presumably to return to her home in the Grey Havens on personal business – though I had no time to ask… And I doubt I would have been given an answer.

Before I returned to the wind-swept plains here, I had been idly passing the time in Rivendell, but there was nothing for me there.  This lingering melancholy loneliness feels alien. Even though I honestly do not know very much about Thalya – she keeps her thoughts to herself – her absence has affected me in ways unforseen. I feel as though I cannot not admit this to her upon her return, though something within me drives me to do so.

Namärie. I hope you are in good health and spirits in Lóthlorien.

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One Response to Passing the Time

  1. Fingolthiir says:

    Mae Govannen Valaraen,

    I share the melancholy of which you speak, and sometimes (just sometimes) find myself wondering why Men dread the Gift they have been given. The long centuries and millennia of our lives can become quite burdensome with memories both sweet and foul. I hope you find solace in your travels. I for one, have realized that once you leave and see the wider world, Home becomes an elusive thing.

    Aa’ menle nauva calen ar’ ta hwesta e’ ale’quenle,
    Finglothiir Bragolnaur

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