Into the Shadow

My apologies, friends, for my lack of communication of late. War has come to Mirkwood and I could not ignore the call to action. I have, as such, crossed the Anduin into the forests which were once the home of Thranduil’s people, before they were driven out or to the north. In all my years of looking across the river to this dark, impenetrable wall of trees, I had never set foot on the shores of my father’s homeland.

More allies arrive by the day – Men, Dwarves and Hobbits alike, who seek to aid our kind in our battle to drive the evil from the forest once known as Greenwood the Great. The fighting is already savage, and the wounded, dying, and dead are many. I feel a sense of dread in the pit of my stomach, and I fear this will be unlike the rather tactical stand against Angmar. The Uruk-hai are bloodthirsty and brutal, and the landscape dark and bewildering. What fell creatures dwell further in, I dare not imagine.

I will stand strong against the Shadow, and I pray that this horror will never reach the shores of Lothlórien.



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