Into The Sixteenth Hall

Salutations and my fondest greetings to you all, from the depths of Moria once again. I cannot say that I enjoy the environment of either place, but at least in Mirkwood I may breathe freely and see the sky on occasion.

Along with Thalya I joined a a group of our regularly seen comrades in arms, to adventure through the depths of the Sixteenth Hall, which would seem to be yet another decrepit, decaying, once grand dwarven structure.  Now it is a sickening, foul breeding ground for the servants of The Lost One, who is poisoning thier minds and warping their bodies with virulent disease.

It was imperative that this fell creature be stopped, before his disease can spread past the walls of the Sixteenth Hall.  We stood ankle or knee deep in this noxious, stagnant water overgrown at the edges with diseased mushrooms….   in front of the The Lost One himself, a hulking, twisted and monstrous creature… dwelling here, in this decaying sewer.

We took the strategy that Kaleigh, Thalya and Tarnorili stand mainly against The Lost One, while Minstrel Whenwith healed the group… And Minstrel Ceoltoir the Hobbit had the privileged job of letting the swarm of bugs called to the lost one as aid run after him, so that we would not kill them in the process of defeating their master.  I was to destroy mushrooms before they virulently exploded across the room, the stench surely slowing the lot of us.  And surely those spores couldn’t have been healthy…

We mostly performed flawlessly.  Within just a short time, The Lost One fell to our feet in the foul, green water.  The sixteenth hall, emptied of its foul residents, may be reclaimed by the dwarves – if they have the stomach for the remodeling they will need to endure.

I wish you health and happiness, and cannot wait until I may be permitted to return (with permission, of course), to Caras Galadhon…


One Response to Into The Sixteenth Hall

  1. Harperella says:

    Another great postcard. I’ll have to run this one some time… Should be soon as I’m working the volume 2 books.


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