My friends, I hope my correspondence finds you well. A brief note from beyond the Haunted Inn, underneath the greenish-smoky branches and sky of Mirkwood. Thalya and I are about to venture further into the Forest. We stand once again at the ruined gates to Dannenglor, screeching merrevail and flapping bats just beyond the walls. Giants, too – and no one dares contemplate what else.

Perhaps it is the perpetual hazy gloom of this place, but I feel a kind of hopelessness that edges fear. I must control these feelings. I hope that I am gifted with the strength. We must take the first step inside, to go forward in our stand against the darkness.

Namárië. Be well.


2 Responses to Dannenglor

  1. Harperella says:

    I like this picture quite a bit. The postcard goes well with it.


  2. Forogorn says:

    Such a magnificent screenshot, and a wonderful view of that sabertooth.

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