Nîn Meleth

February 26, 2010

Haarland —

I have found myself unable to write lately. But… It has been hard to find the words for what is on my mind.  I will try. I wish to express how wonderful it was to see you recently in Rivendell.    The sweeping beauty of Imladris brings joy to my heart. But it would have been less so had I not been able to be with you.

You spoke of my lack of need of your protection, and seemed dismayed that I’d become “so dangerous” in my absence…  Please do not worry that you no longer need protect me from bears, or goblins. Please do not fear that I have become dangerous with my bow and spear.  I never asked to be part of this…

I am the same Valaraen you found wandering through Ered Luin, hair shorn and causing mischief in The Shire. You once laid next to me in the grass watching the infinite stars atop Amon Sûl. We sat on the bank of Nenuial (Lake Evendim) together watching the sunset paint the clouds and water.  I realised that you are so special to me.  It tore me apart to leave.

The only protection I beg of you now of you is this: While I am with you, I feel protected from the chaos and the fear that weighs upon my soul daily.  The horror and senselessness of war and conflict.While I am with you, I feel content and warm, and light…  Please… Protect me from the outside world.  I need it more than anything.  I need you.

And… I… l leave with you my heart, when I go, nîn meleth.  Protect that, as well.

Le mellon,