March 31, 2010

Le suilon, friends.  My travels have brought me once again to the windswept and barren landscape surrounding Amon Sûl.  It is a relief to be away from the oppressive darkness of Moria and the horrors of Dol Guldur.  Even surrounded by these silent, ancient ruins, I feel free in the fresh outside air and the light of the sun.  I am infinitely fortunate to find myself on the road to Imladris and my heart is glad. I am impatient to reach my destination.

I am taken with a lightness of spirit of late, and no matter how close upon me the Shadow may encroach, I feel that it does not touch me.  While the wind and my thoughts are the only things that keep me company here in this desolate land, I am not alone.  I am loved, and that brings me such peace.

I hope all is well, and that this correspondence finds you all  in such good spirits as mine.


From Dâr Narbugud

March 22, 2010

Suilad, Mellyn… My friends and family, I apologize and I know I have not written in many weeks. Recent times have found me returned deep to the foundations of Moria, part of a company who seeks to enter Dâr Narbugud, ancient caverns long forgotten, and drive out those fell creatures who now dwell within. We came to a spot where I stood, pretending no fear, at the edge of what I feared may be oblivion. We were all silent.

Swirling mists around me and slimy pits webbed with some sort of semi-organic matter, depth untold. The chill, but dank and putrid, air swirled around me and I felt my body enveloped in this sickly, cold, wet air. I began to panic, a dark feeling in my heart and stomach that seemed as though it would physically consume me…

Dizzy, I looked away, looked for Thalya. Together, we continued to the depths – the entrance into the lair of the Mistress of Pestilence. A terrifying, deformed creature oozing filth, acid, and horror from her many sores. Indeed, pestilence, taken as a physical form.

I do not now how we will fare. There are but twelve of us – she is the size of one of the houses of Men I saw so commonly in Bree. We must be victorious. The Enemy, this evil, must fall. For all our sakes. For all of Arda.

May the blessings of the Valar be with you – and the Grace of the Valar, with me.