Le suilon, friends.  My travels have brought me once again to the windswept and barren landscape surrounding Amon Sûl.  It is a relief to be away from the oppressive darkness of Moria and the horrors of Dol Guldur.  Even surrounded by these silent, ancient ruins, I feel free in the fresh outside air and the light of the sun.  I am infinitely fortunate to find myself on the road to Imladris and my heart is glad. I am impatient to reach my destination.

I am taken with a lightness of spirit of late, and no matter how close upon me the Shadow may encroach, I feel that it does not touch me.  While the wind and my thoughts are the only things that keep me company here in this desolate land, I am not alone.  I am loved, and that brings me such peace.

I hope all is well, and that this correspondence finds you all  in such good spirits as mine.


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