The Ring Forges of Eregion

April 2, 2010

Suilad, Mellyn – another frustrating day on the road, indeed.  No sooner had I finally set foot upon the steps of The House of Elrond, I met Thalya.  She brought tidings from Master Elrond, assigning us pertinent business in the southern reaches of Eregion, in Mirobel. Frustrated and already tired from my journey, more than eager to settle in, I found myself once again on horseback, on the road leading from the valley.  I cursed, silently to myself, my bad luck – and wonder how Thalya always manages to be in the right place at the wrong time.

Well, no matter.  Safely, we arrived in Mirobel, and were sent to search the ruins of the ancient ring forges.  An absolutely chilling mural still resides there – Sauron, in his guise as Annatar, tricking the Elves of Eregion creating the Rings of Power.  It holds such power that to go near it left me terrified.  I cannot wipe the image, though it looks benign, from my mind.

We came upon Amarthiel herself, who promptly gave up fighting us to bicker with Mordirith and Mordrambor.  Things ended poorly.  I foresee that this will not be the end, but I hope my foresight is incorrect.  Amarthiel, shamed, injured, was imprisoned both for her safety, and for our own.  This will not be the end, I am sure of it.

I want nothing but to make my return to Imladris and the joy I will feel at being there.  Please, may Elbereth’s stars be upon my path, and my journey swift as the wind.  I am anticipated there, as soon as I can arrive.