Respite in Rivendell

August 22, 2010

Suillad, mellyn.  Forgive my long absence, my travels have been long and I have found respite from them, of late, in the calm of the city of Elrond.  But, as the summer season quickly comes to a close, I realise that my time draws near…  I must return to my sworn quest to stand alongside the forces of the Free Peoples against the encroaching Evil that surrounds us.

For now…. however… I am happy.  I am refreshed.  I am, indeed, sorry that I have not updated you all, though there is not much to update, to be honest.  For now, until I must sharpen my spear, restring my bow, and prepare to return to the wilds of Mirkwood, I will feel thankful for this time I have been given to once again, at last, be with someone very dear to my heart.