A Return to Imladris

Friends, good tidings from Rivendell.  Nothing makes my spirit feel lighter than passing through the gates of Imladris after so long away, and so many hard-fought battles.  I return, now, to the waiting arms and smile of a friend, to the warm halls of the house of Lord Elrond, and much needed rest.  Though I may still be called away to do battle at Dol Guldur — the Enemy’s Lieutenant still resides there — I find myself in need of comfort.

And it is with the blessing of the Valar that I have found it, here.  Haarland awaits my company, and I shall gladly give it — we have much to speak of, many stories to be told, so my letter to you will be brief.  Beyond words, I feel joyful.  May the respite I feel now be with all of you in our home land.



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