As Deep as Nenuial

Suilad, mellyn.  It is with a heavy heart that I write from the shores of Nenuial, the great lake of Evendim.  I dare not speak too much, as though putting pen to paper will make the words real, but my heart aches.  There are a thousand words I wish to say, but none would come at the time.  Their time will come.

The silent ruins of a long-dead empire bear sole witness to my sorrow, as the lake glimmers under every star Elbereth has strewn across the sky.  We spoke words to one another, but it feels as though these words were said by other people.  Perhaps this is a dream.

And I have learned a lesson – as deep a capacity as I have for love, I have also for sorrow.  Though as of yet I know not how I will right this, I will do so.  There is no greater thing in this world than to love, and do so freely.



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