The Path to Enedwaith

Dearest friends, you have my sincere apologies for the lengthy period during which I have been out of communication.  I have traveled with Thalya into the south of Eriador, to the wind-swept plains of Enedwaith.  Along with a company of Rangers of the North, we have forged a path into this formidable but strangely beautiful country.

Our mission is of vital importance, I am told, but yet I feel as though I am just here to witness, and help with what I can.  No matter — if I may lend my bow to the cause of the Free People, to these Rangers of the North, descendants of the Dunedain, I will do so.  The Men of Enedwaith — they call themselves The Algraig — are a proud people, to whom I must prove my worth, before they deem me suitable to help.  Outsider, then, I will still lend what help I can in their plight against the Enemy.

I am filled with a strange longing in my heart, and my thoughts are often elsewhere.  My hope is that all at home will be as it has always been — peaceful, and safe.  Be well, my friends.



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