Love and Loss

Haarland –

My heart is wounded and I must confess this to you.  The words you spoke were painful, though I understand that you spoke them for the noblest of reasons.  You are indeed no fool, nor are you blind to the history of my Kin.  Indeed strange fates may befall those Elf-maidens who take a Man as their mate.  But such is not a death sentence.

I have not been given the gift of Man – I am counted among the Eldar and share the fate of the Elves.  I will, one day, travel across the Western Seas to the Undying Lands.  There is no way for you to influence that fate, nîn Meleth, it is so.  So I say to thee with this in mind, your love will give me no death sentence.  The only thing you will make me, one day, is a widow – and I am sure many before me and many to come, both Eldar and Edain, have borne that fate. 

Already you have promised me companionship for the few short decades we would have together.  Yet you say you would not have me, for you believe it will doom me.  I say to you, it will not.  The few years you have promised are worth a thousand, and I would carry these memories into the Undying Lands and thus keep them with me, forever.

Would you have me then?  For I know, I would have no other.

Gerich meleth nîn, Haarland.

Valaraen Avariquen


One Response to Love and Loss

  1. Harperella says:

    Such a lovely sentiment…

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