A Dark Place

Valaraen in Wildermore

Nîn meleth,

It is cold here. When I was in the far north, in Forochel, it was also cold… However, this cold is biting. It is a deep, fell cold, an unnatural cold. The Men of this land have no sense of properly dealing with this – and why should they? This land is far to the south even of my own homeland. They require aid, and while it is not something for which I am trained, I am likely more able to perform the tasks they need done.

The cold, however, has not stopped the land from filling with orcs, and the problems that they bring. Trolls. Wargs. These people are beset at all sides by danger – if the cold does not do them in, the orcs will. The Rohirrim are a sturdy breed, however, and it is my observation that they will do what they must to survive.

I am safe, for the time being, and I am as warm as I can manage. I must admit, being from a very comfortable climate (and having so many, many years to acclimate to it) myself, this is quite unpleasant – to say nothing of the company I am attempting to keep. Not counting Thalya, the population is… Not entirely sure what they think of me, and my kind. They are not hostile, just openly superstitious. Perhaps they will stop viewing me with such suspicion, as though I am an apparition or a witch.

All of my love to you, and if the Valar are kind to me I will return to you soon.

Valaraen's Signature
Valaraen Avariquen


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