As Deep as Nenuial

December 9, 2010

Suilad, mellyn.  It is with a heavy heart that I write from the shores of Nenuial, the great lake of Evendim.  I dare not speak too much, as though putting pen to paper will make the words real, but my heart aches.  There are a thousand words I wish to say, but none would come at the time.  Their time will come.

The silent ruins of a long-dead empire bear sole witness to my sorrow, as the lake glimmers under every star Elbereth has strewn across the sky.  We spoke words to one another, but it feels as though these words were said by other people.  Perhaps this is a dream.

And I have learned a lesson – as deep a capacity as I have for love, I have also for sorrow.  Though as of yet I know not how I will right this, I will do so.  There is no greater thing in this world than to love, and do so freely.



A Return to Imladris

December 9, 2010

Friends, good tidings from Rivendell.  Nothing makes my spirit feel lighter than passing through the gates of Imladris after so long away, and so many hard-fought battles.  I return, now, to the waiting arms and smile of a friend, to the warm halls of the house of Lord Elrond, and much needed rest.  Though I may still be called away to do battle at Dol Guldur — the Enemy’s Lieutenant still resides there — I find myself in need of comfort.

And it is with the blessing of the Valar that I have found it, here.  Haarland awaits my company, and I shall gladly give it — we have much to speak of, many stories to be told, so my letter to you will be brief.  Beyond words, I feel joyful.  May the respite I feel now be with all of you in our home land.


Into the Heart of Barad Guldur

December 9, 2010

News from the East, my friends.  The arm of the Enemy stretches long over the lands, and nowhere is the Shadow felt as strongly as within the heart of the former stronghold of The Necromancer in the south of Mirkwood.  With a company of but twelve, I have ventured deep into the heart of Mirkwood to the very gates of this evil place, and entered Barad Guldur, the lair of the Lieutenant of Dol Guldur — a powerful and ancient servant of the Enemy.

We have called ourselves “Grace of the Valar,” for it is with their grace alone we will stand against the tide of evil that rushes through the halls of this forsaken place.  Twelve Men, Dwarves and Elves to stand against countless incarnations of the evil that dwells there.  But, victorious, we held the tide at bay to face the Lieutenant’s servant Dúrchest, a being of pure energy clad in plate mail.  A long and tiring battle was upon us as he called his soldiers forth, yet one at a time they fell to blade and bow.  Finally defeated, Dúrchest fell before us with a cry that chilled my heart.

Twin servants of the Lieutenant, Morgaraf and Cargaraf — who serve their Master with the powers of Shadow and Flame — fought long and hard against our small band, but the stars of Elbereth must have been on us, as they likewise were defeated.  Exhausted and recovering in the smoldering wreckage of a once-great hall, we rest.  The greatest Evil lies ahead.


The Path to Enedwaith

December 9, 2010

Dearest friends, you have my sincere apologies for the lengthy period during which I have been out of communication.  I have traveled with Thalya into the south of Eriador, to the wind-swept plains of Enedwaith.  Along with a company of Rangers of the North, we have forged a path into this formidable but strangely beautiful country.

Our mission is of vital importance, I am told, but yet I feel as though I am just here to witness, and help with what I can.  No matter — if I may lend my bow to the cause of the Free People, to these Rangers of the North, descendants of the Dunedain, I will do so.  The Men of Enedwaith — they call themselves The Algraig — are a proud people, to whom I must prove my worth, before they deem me suitable to help.  Outsider, then, I will still lend what help I can in their plight against the Enemy.

I am filled with a strange longing in my heart, and my thoughts are often elsewhere.  My hope is that all at home will be as it has always been — peaceful, and safe.  Be well, my friends.


Respite in Rivendell

August 22, 2010

Suillad, mellyn.  Forgive my long absence, my travels have been long and I have found respite from them, of late, in the calm of the city of Elrond.  But, as the summer season quickly comes to a close, I realise that my time draws near…  I must return to my sworn quest to stand alongside the forces of the Free Peoples against the encroaching Evil that surrounds us.

For now…. however… I am happy.  I am refreshed.  I am, indeed, sorry that I have not updated you all, though there is not much to update, to be honest.  For now, until I must sharpen my spear, restring my bow, and prepare to return to the wilds of Mirkwood, I will feel thankful for this time I have been given to once again, at last, be with someone very dear to my heart.


The Ring Forges of Eregion

April 2, 2010

Suilad, Mellyn – another frustrating day on the road, indeed.  No sooner had I finally set foot upon the steps of The House of Elrond, I met Thalya.  She brought tidings from Master Elrond, assigning us pertinent business in the southern reaches of Eregion, in Mirobel. Frustrated and already tired from my journey, more than eager to settle in, I found myself once again on horseback, on the road leading from the valley.  I cursed, silently to myself, my bad luck – and wonder how Thalya always manages to be in the right place at the wrong time.

Well, no matter.  Safely, we arrived in Mirobel, and were sent to search the ruins of the ancient ring forges.  An absolutely chilling mural still resides there – Sauron, in his guise as Annatar, tricking the Elves of Eregion creating the Rings of Power.  It holds such power that to go near it left me terrified.  I cannot wipe the image, though it looks benign, from my mind.

We came upon Amarthiel herself, who promptly gave up fighting us to bicker with Mordirith and Mordrambor.  Things ended poorly.  I foresee that this will not be the end, but I hope my foresight is incorrect.  Amarthiel, shamed, injured, was imprisoned both for her safety, and for our own.  This will not be the end, I am sure of it.

I want nothing but to make my return to Imladris and the joy I will feel at being there.  Please, may Elbereth’s stars be upon my path, and my journey swift as the wind.  I am anticipated there, as soon as I can arrive.



March 31, 2010

Le suilon, friends.  My travels have brought me once again to the windswept and barren landscape surrounding Amon Sûl.  It is a relief to be away from the oppressive darkness of Moria and the horrors of Dol Guldur.  Even surrounded by these silent, ancient ruins, I feel free in the fresh outside air and the light of the sun.  I am infinitely fortunate to find myself on the road to Imladris and my heart is glad. I am impatient to reach my destination.

I am taken with a lightness of spirit of late, and no matter how close upon me the Shadow may encroach, I feel that it does not touch me.  While the wind and my thoughts are the only things that keep me company here in this desolate land, I am not alone.  I am loved, and that brings me such peace.

I hope all is well, and that this correspondence finds you all  in such good spirits as mine.