As of late, my companionship with several of my close friends and partners has come to a hiatus of sorts. We have had to go separate ways.  Rootbeerien and her friends have drawn away to the north, and to be truthful I have been somewhat faithful to Rivendell these days. 

Haarland, though, is someone I will miss badly.  Fighting at his side, I never felt that I was dead weight, or there for the experience of being there.  Things were equally matched and we fought together.  And we were close, despite his flamboyant fashion sense, and I miss the conversations we’ve out in the middle of some god-awful nowhere wasteland.  

He has had to take leave to do other things, which I believe involves his trade – he is quite a skilled woodworker, having apprenticed so.  My feelings are that he will probably be in Bree, off and on, working, doing things like that.  I wonder if they allow him to do THAT in his fancy clothes.  That silly man.

We parted ways at the south gates to Bree, where I told him “I have to go now…”

He asked, “To Rivendell?”  And I nodded.  And as I read the spell page that would take me there, as I was disappearing, I thought I heard “I’ll see you soon.”

And then I was back within Lord Elrond’s Refuge.

But I have to admit, that sometimes…  When I am in Bree, I secretly just go sit at that mile marker at which used to gather, and wait to see if anyone shows up.


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